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GRD awards 2015


So the season is over with the Bad Omens reigning victorious in the final home teams game, everyone at GRD has had an awesome time this year so we celebrated in style at our awards night where the Bad Omens got their hands on the coveted home teams trophy and some other people picked up some rather nice (and very glittery) awards. The votes were in and counted and you can see a list below the winners and check to see how your favorite skaters did.

Glasgow Roller Derby Home Team Final 2014

SKU: GRD:HTF221114

The final of the home teams season where the Death Stars will take on the Bad Omens, who will claim the trophy in this epic final battle.

Please purchase tickets at the door.
Doors 12:30 for 13:00 start
Location: The ARC sports center, Caledonian University
Adults £7
Under 14's free with paying adult

List price: £5.00
Price: £9,999.99

Why you should come and watch GRD's Irn bruisers v Dublin Roller Girls


This Saturday Glasgow’s Irn Bruisers will play their last game of the 2014 season against the league’s long time friends Dublin Roller Derby.

A roundup of UKROC by Nuclaire Meltdown


It was upon the mild-to-crisp afternoon of an unsuspecting October day, that five brave derby souls embarked in one really very nice BMW down to the world’s first ever UK Roller Derby Open Conference – UKROC 2014.

GRD’s Mistress Malicious and lead organiser of UKROC, Feminist Killjoy and one of UKROC’s guest speakers, Marshall Lawless, Rogue Runner and Nuclaire Meltdown all went down last weekend for the two day event in Coventry, which saw a turnout of over two hundred attendees and over 30 guest speakers from across the world with talks on all matters roller derby.

The road to dallas


This weekend seven members of Glasgow Roller Derby will be travelling to Wales to compete in a warm up tournament, 'The Road to Dallas', in preparation for the World Cup in December.

Irn Bruiser's captain Rogue Runner, Marshall Lawless, Megan Hyndman, The Very Hungry Splatterkiller and Mona Rampage will all be competiting as part of Team Scotland against Wales, West Indies and All-Ireland for the first time, ahead of the upcoming Texas tournament.

Maiden Grrder take on Dundee Roller Girls


So you're thinking why you should come and spend your hard earned cash and watch this game? Well have we ever got some reasons why your butt should be sitting on a seat in the arc on the 25th Oct

1. If you put GRD and DRG together it creates a palindrome: GRDDRG

2. Both teams recently played Furness Firecrackers and both took home a win but the Maiden’s narrowly secured a higher score and differential than the Dundee side. Dundee finished with a tight score of 178 – 157 while the Maiden Grrders cleared a 50 point lead, ending the game with 219 points to Furness’s 167.

Irn Bruisers v Dublin Roller Girls


The Dublin Roller Girls will be travelling over to Glasgow to take on the Irn Bruisers. The two teams have played before with the Bruisers taking the win but the Dublin girls have been putting in a hell of a lot of work and are climbing the rankings in Europe. This is one team the bruisers will definitely not underestimate with several of the team making the Irish national squad (although GRD have there own members on the Irish team too and plenty on team Scotland).

Bout Date: 
Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 12:30

Maiden Grrders take on Batter C Power


Maiden Grrders, Glasgow Roller Derby's second travel team, face off against London Rollergirls' C Team: Batter C Power, on Saturday 27th September in their first ever match up!

Maiden Grrders are currently ranked 33rd in Europe according to FlatTrackStats but Batter C Power just pip them to the post and are currently ranked at number 31. Two spaces between these teams in the European rankings can only mean one thing: this game will be tight, tough and definitely one to watch.

Both of these teams have everything to play for and both sides are anxious to take home a win!

GRD's Irn Bruisers vs Middlesborough Milk Rollers


The Irn Bruisers take on Middlesbrough Milk Rollers on Saturday 13th September in their first home game since returning from a hugely successful trip to the United States to compete.

Currently fourth and fifth in the UK, respectively, this game promises to be action packed and a nailbiter right to the very end!

Both of these teams have everything to play for and both sides are anxious to take home a win!

Bout Date: 
Saturday, September 13, 2014 - 12:30
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Glasgow Spring up the rankings after a rocking Roll

bendy bus, glasgow irn bruisers v Big easy at spring roll

America was gripped by Beatlemania in 1964 - fast forward 50 years and it was Bruiser-mania which swept through Fort Wayne as Glasgow took the Spring Roll tournament by storm.


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